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Wearable LFW

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London Fashion Week is great for catching future trends, and while not all of them were wearable to us mere mortals (nose-to-toe corset anyone?), we were loving the futuristic sports-luxe shapes and opulent embellishments this season.

One show we were watching particularly closely, was the Hunter Original show which featured waterfall installations and an eighties soundtrack, along with heeled wellington boots and rich autumnal colours. It had a tough act to follow from the success of last year’s debut LFW show, and managed to provide the perfect backdrop to its quilted jackets and umbrella-focused accessories.


The heeled Hunter boot dropped earlier this month at Soletrader and we think this is one trend worth investing in. Think April showers, rained-on summer festivals and winter washouts, all with the chic composure of a designer boot. Turns out you really can have it all.

Heels not your thing? The flat Hunter Chelsea boot is just as sleek, without the height.


Shop the full Hunter range and pray for dry weather until they arrive.

On foot in the city – Edinburgh

Edinburgh castle

If you’ve never been to Edinburgh, you’re missing out on far more than a crumbly castle and deep-fried confectionery. A city that is as cosmopolitan as it is historic, Edinburgh truly has something for everyone. You’ll find a vibrant arts scene, Michelin-starred restaurants and an impressive range of architectural features.

Edinburgh skyline

We had only one weekend in the city and headed straight over to the SOLE store on Multrees Walk for recommendations on how best to spend our time. We also got to know our store manager Jena a little better too:

What’s your favourite thing about living in Edinburgh?

It’s probably the fact that it’s always so busy. There’s such a variety of people in Edinburgh, that’s one of the reasons I like it so much.

If you had to recommend one thing to do during our weekend, what would it be?

That’s a hard one! It has to be to go up to the castle. Go up the Golden Mile on the way, then you’ve done two things!

Where would you recommend we go to eat?

Oh, I’m not sure, I don’t eat out that much here. I’ve heard that Gusto’s on George Street is really good. I love going to Rascals, their burgers are amazing! Or Candy Bar on George Street, if you’re after something a bit different.

Thanks! You’re the first point of call for customers looking for their next pair of shoes, but what is your favourite shoe brand?

Probably Fred Perry, I love everything that they do. Although I wear Dr. Martens all the time, they’re so comfy!

Thanks Jena!

sole store edinburgh

Over three days, we walked, ate and shopped and here are our recommendations while you’re out and about:

Best hot chocolate:

The Chocolate Tree, 123 Bruntsfield Place – We recommend the Mayan Special, which is their in-house blend of 70% chocolate, spices and soya milk. You can also get bean-to-bar chocolate and a range of chocolate spreads, all made in-house.

Hot chocolate at the chocolate tree Edinburgh

Best for low-key fancy food:

The Outsider, George IV Bridge – The views to the castle and Greyfriars are great, but it’s the food that makes this restaurant worth a visit. Make sure you get a side of garlic fries with your order and don’t skip on dessert (If you’re too full, try the rum truffles and a dessert wine).

Best shopping:

Multrees Walk (but maybe we’re biased!) for the full designer experience, or have a wander around the castle and you’ll find lots of little boutiques and art shops.

Bagpipes and tartan

Best place to watch the Six Nations:

Hit the World Famous Frankenstein bar in the centre for a unique view of the latest draws. If there’s a big game on though, you’d better get there early to beat the crowds.

6 nations edinburgh

Best coffee:

Project Coffee, 196 Bruntsfield Place – relaxed and informal, you can also get a full breakfast complete with haggis and potato cakes.

Project Coffee Edinburgh

Best for cycling enthusiasts:

Ronde, 66-68 Hamilton Place – With high ceilings and vintage tiled walls, this is the place to stop by for a coffee, cake and lycra! With a range of high tech jerseys, bikes for all budgets and even one off framed prints, this is a bike shop with a friendly face.

Ronde cycling edinburgh

When to go:

If you’re planning a summer holiday, it’s got to be in August when the Fringe festival is on and the city becomes alive with comedy and the arts. If you’re up for a party, then new year is a no-brainer, or if you prefer things a bit quieter, opt for a spring weekend break.

You can leave your shoes on

Get to know your Valentine

Dating is never an easy game, but during the Valentine’s haze, things really go up a level. Do you stubbornly retain your own style, or go all-out matchy matchy? What does your footwear say about you as a potential life partner? We like to think it tells you a lot. A warning signal, a sign from above, whatever you want to call it, if you can get a sneaky glance ‘down there’, it might save you the awkward ‘do you want to come up for a coffee’ later. No need to thank us.

Shoes she’s wearing

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The designer hi-top

This girl knows her sneakers. She’s not your usual flowers and chocolates kind of date, so take her somewhere original and indie – a pop up restaurant, a gourmet burger bar, or an underground cinema. And don’t be intimidated – she might look fierce to begin with, but it’s all front.


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Classic kicks

If you like your girls laid back, look out for an adidas shell toe. She dresses comfortably, but enjoys showing her girly side too. She’ll appreciate flowers, but don’t go overboard – she’s not an attention-seeker. She wears canvas on her days off, so look out for Converse and Vans too. Take this girl somewhere less formal so you can really get to know her.


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The high heel

Your date is wearing high heels for you? She must like you, but don’t expect an easy ride. Compliment her, open doors for her and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a second date. Make sure you’ve organised something worthy of those shoes – A quiet, candlelit bistro, a Michelin starred mega-restaurant, or a three course homemade culinary masterpiece, but definitely don’t take her to your local drive through.


Shoes he’s wearing

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The space age trainer

Yes, it’s likely he’ll be wearing trainers. But if he’s wearing Y-3 trainers, you’ve got yourself a bit of a sneaker addict on your hands. He’s probably got more shoes than you and isn’t afraid to break from tradition. Impress him by suggesting somewhere modern for your date. Try sushi, dim sum or fusion food – think outside the box with this one!


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The classic work boot

If your guy’s wearing work boots, he’s probably not a follower of fashion. He chooses his shoes because they’re reliable, practical and supportive, so don’t be offended if he doesn’t immediately tell you how great you look. He’s listening to what you say though, because this is far more important to him than looks. If you can plan a date outdoors, he’ll be in his element.


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Mr formal

If he’s wearing wingtip brogues, he’s taking your date seriously. He’s not afraid to show he’s making an effort and will be trying to impress you with his choice of venue. Let him look after you and whatever you do, don’t step on his feet (this is Italian leather we’re talking about!)!

Keep it up, you’re doing great

don't give up, not yet

We’re well into the first part of your new year, and those New Year’s resolutions you made while stumbling around with glitter in your hair seem like a distant memory. Even if your health kick scarpered off with the Christmas decorations, there’s no reason you can’t make a post-new-year change.

Get the Nike Roshe Runs in blue

Why’s everything always about January? February’s just as good a time as any to make a change for the better and define what you want out of 2015. If it’s meaningful enough, it’ll be a life changer.

Blue Nike Theas are super sleek

If, like many others, your ‘new you’ is a leaner, fitter version, we salute you! Hitting the gym in the new year is a bit of a cliché, but if you’ve got the willpower to make it last, it’s worth investing in your own health. Start doing zumba, go to an insanity workout class, or even just take the stairs once a week. Whether your change is big or small, it’s a start. And you have to start somewhere!

Pump it up in blue Roshe Runs

We want to keep your New Year’s resolutions alive, and these brand new drops from Nike are just the ticket! In fresh spring colourways, they are the motivation you need to get yourself outside, even if it’s still dark and you haven’t had breakfast yet.

Fill your kit bag with the Roshe Run in icy blue or the Thea trainer with coloured overlays. Blue not your colour? Check out the whole Nike range!

Keep it up, you’re doing great!