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How to be like James Bond

With the recent launch of Spectre we thought you’d like us to show you the key components of Bond’s style file. You want to feel like you have a Licence to Kill. You need Bond’s ability to stride through the dry sands of the Sahara desert with the confidence of a man unphased by the treacherous conditions or a myriad of malevolent villains.

You will probably never carry a gun, smash through a window or have a fleet of Aston Martins in your garage, but you can emulate one element of Bond’s charisma: his style.

If you’re planning to up the ante over the socially demanding Christmas season, be sure to follow our guide below.

Invest don’t just buy

Bond is not bling. His wardrobe exudes an air of quality, because quality works. Imagine 007 being stood up by a failing pair of shoes as he legs it over City rooftops. Invest in hardwearing gear like the Barbour Billingham boots, for a bit of Bond’s bravado.


You need Casual for Downtime

Bond doesn’t spend all his time dressed for work. You’re the same, so you’re already like Bond. Make sure you have a range of casual footwear options in your wardrobe to be ready for the weekend, in style.


Be sure to have Reserves 

You may not have the support of ‘M’ and unlimited credit cards at your disposal, but giving your shoes time to rest between wears helps them recover for their next assignment – and the one after that.


Buy good shoes

Premium quality features, durable leather, and impeccable design ensure Bond never trips or slips in hot footed pursuit.


Now, where’s that martini …

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The latest shoe designers

Are you searching for the latest shoe designs from the freshest designers? With the increasing amount of digital fashionistas showcasing the newest range of footwear, it’s an important question to consider. It’s often hard to find original style icons in the torrent of the digital world. To counteract this, we’re bringing you a selection of brands that are not only producing innovative shoe designs but are trying to incorporate improved functionality and flexibility.


The Burberry collection is sharp and minimal, the designs honed to perfection. They’re the kind of shoes that appeal to the fashion elite: uncomplicated yet quirky and packed with exquisite detailing, Burberry design shoes that will never go out of style.


Moschino is not for the faint hearted. With its tough metallic details and interesting technical twists, this brand is all about making a statement. Even some of the simpler shoe designs have a slight quirkiness that makes you stop for a second, such as the wellington boots emblazoned with a classic tattoo logo. A welcome collection? It’s up to you to decide, but look to Moschino if you’re the type who likes to stand out from the crowd.


It’s all in the details with Sweeney London. Founded in 1993 as the diffusion line of Oliver Sweeney, the brand have worked tirelessly to perfect their ‘Anatomical Last’ a tool which mimics the shape and movement of the foot for a superior fit. For AW15, we welcome high gloss uppers, classic brogues and dashing Chelsea boots. With a style to suit every occasion and a digital following that perfectly represents this timeless brand, you can’t go wrong investing in a pair of Sweeney London shoes.

The perfect shoe

With the colder months fast approaching, we know that it’s the time people start investing in new footwear and nothing says more about you than your shoes. A good quality pair of shoes is an investment and a fundamental part of your winter wardrobe.

Take a look at just a small selection of the footwear available, and make sure you check out our previous blog post ‘Autumn Shoe Guide’ for more information on what to wear now.


Sneakers are currently dominating the shoe scene, they are far removed from their origin as a shoe worn at the gym. These chic, streamlined trainers from Lacoste would work just as well with a suit as they would with denim.



Crafted by Dr Martens, these shoes are simple and classic with a unique utilitarian look,  favoured by the more fashion-forward designers.


Chelsea boots

Synonymous with the rock’n’roll style, they’re the natural partner to a pair of ripped skinny jeans.


Sports shoes

Nike’s innovative trainer designs mean that shoes originally intended for running have been a huge crossover hit with the fashion elite. Fashion doesn’t have to hurt and the lightweight sole of the Roshe One trainer ensures ultimate comfort whether you’re dressing down your work outfit, or hiking your way to the gym.