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5 reasons why you should online shop over Easter weekend


lot of people love to shop. Now, we’re saying a lot and we’re putting it in italics because we have to take a moment to remember anyone who has been subjected to the unbearable process of being dragged into countless shops on loop and has spent more time waiting outside changing rooms than plonked on their own sofa. The sighs, the huffs, the rolling eyes and the folded arms are all too common reactions that are associated with a severe dislike of shopping. Wait a second, though, you know what could solve that don’t you? Erm, ONLINE SHOPPING. Don’t you worry about a thing, just sit back with a cuppa while you absorb all the right reasons for spending your Easter weekend online.

1) Avoid shopping with someone who doesn’t appreciate shopping

Let us set the scene. You clock off work on Thursday ready to embrace a long four day break of Easter bliss, knowing only too well you’re bound to start and end it in a chocolate-induced coma. You want to hit the shops and make the most of your extended free time but your selected shopping partner (whether it’s your other half or best friend) isn’t really feeling the whole shopping thing. Why waste time arguing about it when you can earn brownie points by offering to sacrifice going shopping for online shopping? Instant winner.

2) Why spend money on chocolate when you can spend money on shoes

This is a no brainer really, isn’t it. There is no real question as to whether you should spend your hard-earned cash on chocolate which is easily demolished within minutes and only ever leaves you feeling resentful for over indulging. The more sensible option would be to invest that money in a lovely pair of shoes that make your feet look more aesthetically pleasing and are bound to last a lot longer than a slab of Dairy Milk. Shoes are for life not just for Easter, remember.

3) Avoid the frenzy of manic Easter shoppers

The shops are always crazy on a Saturday and Easter only means it gets crazier. Do you really want to have to contend with people dawdling, indefinite queues and unpredictable air-con incapable of stabilising combined shopper body heat? Staying at home and shopping online means not only do you get the goods, you can shop at your own pace and have as many coffee and cake breaks as you like without feeling guilty. If it’s done in your own home, nobody has to know.  A simple click and you’re one step closer to those new shoes you’ve been eyeing up.

4) Shops are closed on Easter Sunday

We know you like to get your weekly fix but how will you cope with the sudden realisation that hardly anyone works on Easter Sunday. How dare shop assistants be given the day off when they work pretty much every other single Sunday of the year. Your hobby doesn’t have to end there, you’re one click away from fulfilling your Sunday shopping dreams except with a lot more ease and a lot more choice. What’s more is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home, preferably in your pyjamas with a hot cross bun (smothered in chocolate, obviously).

5) Sales and promotions

There may be sales in shops themselves but can you guarantee that all the shops you want to browse can be found in your chosen shopping centre? Probably not. The beauty of online shopping means you can search any website for potential new purchases with an increased chance of popping your favourite items in your basket and making them yours. It’s also the perfect opportunity to keep your eye on social media for any promotional codes or new sales that might drop so you’re the first in line to bag a bargain.

Whether you do decide to indulge in a little online shopping or choose to spend your extra two days with family, friends and good food, we hope you have a great Easter weekend. If our top five reasons still don’t have you convinced, head down to your nearest branch and treat yourself. Don’t forget to check our products out on our website , like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for updates, exclusives and new products. Happy shopping!