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You can leave your shoes on

Get to know your Valentine

Dating is never an easy game, but during the Valentine’s haze, things really go up a level. Do you stubbornly retain your own style, or go all-out matchy matchy? What does your footwear say about you as a potential life partner? We like to think it tells you a lot. A warning signal, a sign from above, whatever you want to call it, if you can get a sneaky glance ‘down there’, it might save you the awkward ‘do you want to come up for a coffee’ later. No need to thank us.

Shoes she’s wearing

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The designer hi-top

This girl knows her sneakers. She’s not your usual flowers and chocolates kind of date, so take her somewhere original and indie – a pop up restaurant, a gourmet burger bar, or an underground cinema. And don’t be intimidated – she might look fierce to begin with, but it’s all front.


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Classic kicks

If you like your girls laid back, look out for an adidas shell toe. She dresses comfortably, but enjoys showing her girly side too. She’ll appreciate flowers, but don’t go overboard – she’s not an attention-seeker. She wears canvas on her days off, so look out for Converse and Vans too. Take this girl somewhere less formal so you can really get to know her.


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The high heel

Your date is wearing high heels for you? She must like you, but don’t expect an easy ride. Compliment her, open doors for her and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a second date. Make sure you’ve organised something worthy of those shoes – A quiet, candlelit bistro, a Michelin starred mega-restaurant, or a three course homemade culinary masterpiece, but definitely don’t take her to your local drive through.


Shoes he’s wearing

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The space age trainer

Yes, it’s likely he’ll be wearing trainers. But if he’s wearing Y-3 trainers, you’ve got yourself a bit of a sneaker addict on your hands. He’s probably got more shoes than you and isn’t afraid to break from tradition. Impress him by suggesting somewhere modern for your date. Try sushi, dim sum or fusion food – think outside the box with this one!


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The classic work boot

If your guy’s wearing work boots, he’s probably not a follower of fashion. He chooses his shoes because they’re reliable, practical and supportive, so don’t be offended if he doesn’t immediately tell you how great you look. He’s listening to what you say though, because this is far more important to him than looks. If you can plan a date outdoors, he’ll be in his element.


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Mr formal

If he’s wearing wingtip brogues, he’s taking your date seriously. He’s not afraid to show he’s making an effort and will be trying to impress you with his choice of venue. Let him look after you and whatever you do, don’t step on his feet (this is Italian leather we’re talking about!)!



New Y3 styles at Soletrader!


Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto (try saying that after a few drinks…) is celebrating more than a decade of his collaboration with Adidas.

His original & sleek take on sporty footwear has been just as much of a hit in the world of haute couture design as it has in the sphere of the sneaker-lover.

The men’s Y3 Smooth high and Honja low models are brand new to Soletrader. Yamamoto’s trademarks of geometric design and ample use of charcoal colour are still present, but they join the on-trend neon colourway and runner-style sole that stormed the AW13 shows.


What’re your thoughts?

Y3 Honja Low Trainer, soft grey suede, £179



Y3 Smooth Model Trainers, £229