Sorel Tofino Giveaway

We have 10 pairs of Sorel Tofino boots in Red Chili Pepper to give away to 10 lucky winners. Functional and fashionable, the Tofino by Sorel gives you the protection, durability and style that you want and deserve.


Born from the desire to make a boot that would deliver explorers comfortably into the beauty of the great unknown, SOREL has been creating footwear for the fearless since 1962. Luxurious materials and flawless construction are brought to life by designs that challenge, invigorate and surprise. SOREL inspires fashion-forward feet for every season.


As we’re giving away a fabulous pair of winter boots, just leave us a comment on this blog post before 20th November 2011 letting us know your favourite thing about winter. You will then automatically be entered into the draw.


See our Sorel competition page for full terms and conditions.
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PLEASE NOTE: This competition is now closed to new entries. We will be in touch with the lucky winners shortly!

494 thoughts on “Sorel Tofino Giveaway

  1. My fave thing about winter is when it snows, Love watching frsh snow and how pretty it looks especialy at night against the street lights

  2. My favourite thing about winter is when it snows πŸ™‚ when it’s all just fallen and it’s all soft and fluffy and looks so pretty, and the kids faces when they wake up and look out the window and see it all πŸ™‚ xxxx

  3. Oh I’m the first! Such beautiful boots, they would suit my style, please pick me.. I’m about to spread the word xx
    LondonBirdLucy x

  4. I love lots about winter. Cuddled up at home with hot cups of tea, log fires. The whole of Christmas and the christmas build up. Love winter fashion, big scarves, coats, hats and LOVE these boots πŸ™‚

  5. My fav thing is getting all wrapped up warm and going christmas shopping,then going coming home and having a mug of hot chocolate with cream all nice and warm with the little ones and the fire on,Disney films,I also love Halloween and bonfire night x

  6. Don’t really like winter cos I’m always cold, wet and freezing. So hopefully if I win these boots I can join my grandson in the snow without freezing my feet off.

  7. i love when am all nice and warm in the house after being out in the cold . They boot would sure keep my feet warm be the best dressed in my town .

  8. My favourite things about winter are snowball fights, snow fort building and then lots of warm cocoa afterwards!

  9. Wrapping up warm Taking walks through the carpets of fallen multi coloured leaves through the country paths, Visiting

  10. My favourite thing about winter is being nice and warm inside and looking out on a frosty morning and seeing all the cobb webs glistening in the sun

  11. Ugg boots and ear muffs and mugs of hot chocolate,
    Walks in the forest and rosy cheeked children,
    Finding a country pub with an open fire,
    These are a few of my favourite (winter) things!

  12. Winter is all about, big jumpers, hot chocolate, snow days, red wine and cuddling up to your other half πŸ™‚ Perfect

  13. What could be better on a freezing cold night than curling up by the fireplace in your comfy pyjamas with someone you love

  14. Winter means one thing – Skiing! Whilst its great to ski in Scotland, my favourite venue is the French Alps. Crisp deep snow, log fires and vin chaude …priceless!!

  15. Cheesey, I know, but I just love all the Christmas lights, and still get as excited as I used to when I was a kid about how early it goes dark so the lights all show up!

  16. Who loves more about winter then wearing the woolly jumpers and scarves. It’s also so Christmassy. Just reminds me of Santa coming!

  17. I love Winter due to its Unknown Capacity – A crisp cold day – Walking through snow with the warm sun beaming down – Walks to the pub in the pouring rain for a mulled wine – A run in the morning so icy it wakes you for the rest of the day -Above all just being as cosy as a cat by the fireplace

  18. I love everything about winter- from the near freezing temperature to the dark snowy mornings. I come from a tropical country where snow was never heard of, so it makes me feel blessed to be in another place experiencing what winter is like

  19. I love it when my cat’s been out in the garden and he comes in with his fur all bushy and cold, you can almost see the steam rising off him as he settles down for a major sleep by the radiator. And cold, damp cat is one of the best smells in the world too!

  20. My favourite thing about winter would be getting in from the cold and the snow, taking off the coats and boots, putting on some comfy pjs and big wooly socks on. Getting a hot cup of tea and sitting near the christmas tree. ahhh.

  21. Snow – the snowmen, snowballs, snowangels, sledges and all the laughter that comes with it (but of course you need warm toes to enjoy it to full effect!)

  22. My favourite thing about Winter is snuggly-warm jumpers and candlelights around the house, the clear crispness of the air outside and the pure pleasure of leaving my footprints in newly fallen snow.

  23. Last winter, when it was -15, sledging with my sons and friends down the big hill near Blickling Park in Norfolk, and then walking back home through the woods in the foggy white silence, to have homemade pumpkin soup.

  24. That the better weather will soon be on its way. Although when its winter and near December its feels christmassy when you go shopping, the lights look pretty and you can’t wait to see what presents you might unwrap from under the tree!!

  25. I love the quality of the light and the sharpness of the air in winter, the crunch of snow or leaves under foot, the pink cheeks and smiles and making dragons breath with my kids in the cold air.

  26. Winter is wonderful however windy and wet but we haven’t got to the best bit yet! When the snow falls it’s a beautiful sight sledging in the day then snuggled up by a warm fire at night!

  27. my favourite thing about winter is the snow, it is magical, being the first to walk in fresh snow that’s glistening in the cold winter sun, the crunch beneath your feet, and the getting back in doors in front of an open fire and snuggling up to your loved one πŸ™‚ I cant wait! Especially if its walking in the snow in some Sorel Tofino boots!

  28. I love the crisp,sharp air on inhalation and the exalation of puffy fluffy clouds of warm air,like musical floating notes!

  29. I love that everything is sparkling and clean and crunchy when it is frosty and fresh. Clear blue sky’s and winter sun that makes everything shine. So beautiful no photo can ever do it justice. I miss the fearlessness of childhood though, because I always have the fear of falling head over heels in the back of my mind from October to march every year!

  30. My absolute favourite thing about winter is snuggling on the sofa with my husband under a blanket with a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and some good tv or a movie while it’s blowing a gale, raining or snowing outside!

  31. Christmas – mulled wine, woolly jumpers, sexy boots, cosy evenings by the fire and, above all, Christmas dinner! Yum!

  32. My favourite thing about Winter is the boozy hot toddy I make myself every evening – its almost worth getting cold for!

  33. Getting everybody dressed in warm clothes and snow-proof warm boots and going out into deep, crispy white snow under a bright blue sky!

  34. My favourite thing about winter has to be the silence. With all the heavy snow we get, the world just seems to mute itself. It’s lovely.

  35. my favourite thing about winter is wraping up warm in my boots,and coat going outside in the snow and watching kids sledging and making snowmen and snow angels πŸ™‚

  36. My favourite thing about winter…

    Leaving your warm home and feeling the fresh, crisp air slightly take your breath away as you step out.

  37. My fave thing about winter is getting into bed and snuggling up to get all cosy n warm with a big mug of hot chocolate and a romcom dvd

  38. the best thing about winter is going away for a snowy break but instead, this year, we’ll be having a new addition to the family

  39. Love to walk in the snow especialy when it is all crisp and fresh – we all go to the Lake District around Christmas time and it is absolutely stunning – specialy if i can give my wife some lovely new boots to wear when we go lol!

  40. My favourite thing about winter is everything! Wrapping up all warm and cosy with a log fire and a mug of something hot, kicking up newly fallen snow, decorating the Christmas tree, singing carols (and enjoying the chessiness of it), and most of all sharing it all with the people you love. x

  41. Knowing the summer isnt too far away is one of my fav things about the winter………. But also I love to wearing boots and thick jumpers making me feel comfortable and warm xx

  42. Going out for a walk when the weather is really extreme, wrapping up against the elements! Then returning home to curl up with a book and a blanket, a bottle of wine and some wensleydale with cranberrys. Oh Yum!

  43. My favorite thing about winter is wearing my tall boots!! And no I didn’t make that up for the competition! πŸ™‚

  44. My favourite thing about winter is walking through my local park in the crisp clean air and seeing the lovely colours of the winter trees.

  45. I love the snow…gives everyone the excuse to be silly and have fun, also snowball fights are a great way to break the ice (literally). Maybe a neighbour who you ocassionally say ‘hi’ or ‘good morning’ to but you really don’t know them too well, have a snowball fight with em’ and within 2 minutes your both running around like big kids laughing hysterically.

  46. Wearing big thick coats, woolly jumpers, scarf’s gloves and boots. Then coming home to a lovely warm house, a big mug of hot chocolate in front of a real fire.

  47. My favourite thing about winter is taking boy boys to the park to collect pieces od nature and then doing craft projects

  48. I actually cannot wait for Winter to come. I love the light, the clother and the way you always try to snug somewhere for warmth. i love it. Twighlight is my fave!

  49. My fav thing about the winter is when the kids break up for xmas, we all huddle together on the sofa and watch great films in the warm and all snuggle together x

  50. My favourite thing about winter is the snow, there is a great atmosphere and I love how everything looks when its covered with snow, reminds me of when I was a child

  51. Love the winter because you can get all snuggly in hat scarf and gloves and then take the dogs out for a walk in the country, come back and are all cosy and content inside lovely

  52. The chill against your face, lovely crisp sparkling sky, frost on the trees and bushes, big coats and even bigger scarves and hats, snuggling up together as you walk to keep warm, pink cheeked children playing in the snow – the best thing about winter is just enjoying it !

  53. My favourite thing about winter is when it has snowed and it is all fresh and new. It makes the whole world look clean and bright

  54. Winter is my favourite season – especially a long walk along the deserted beach which is usually crammed with people in the summer.

  55. Love the warm fire and times spent with loved ones. Also the cold walks to freeze your brain cells so you don’t have to think about your worries. The Christmas lights that bright up the night and the fact that my birhday is just round the corner and waiting in anticipation for my presents :o)

  56. My favourite thing about winter is wrapping up in loads of layers to go out., then having hot chocolate when you get back to the warm.

  57. the best things about winter are the snow, getting all snuggly in a duvet when its cold outside. winter also means lots of reasons to celebrate, halloween, fireworks night christmas and new year. also the best date of the year 20th november, not only is that the closing date to your giveaway but it’s also my birthday!

  58. Christmas is good, but I love the end of winter the begining of spring all the flowers and trees an plants on their new begining

  59. I really love the dark winter nights, when it’s cold and you can just come home, put your jimjams on and relax.

  60. My favourite thing about winter is walking in the deep crisp snow! everything looks so clean and pure when it snows!

  61. My favourite things about Winter include: time off work, having all of the family together, snuggling up in front of an open fire and of course Christmas with everything that it brings.

  62. my fav thing about winter is the dark nights, i LOVE being able to draw the curtains at 4pm, diming the lights and making the room “cosy” Even better when its cool enough to justify making a fire and sharing hot chocolates and marshmellows with my two kids – wintertime shoudl be renamed cosytime!

  63. I love the feeling of cool, crisp air on my face, while the rest of me is wrapped up all cosy and warm. Coming home and snuggling up by the fire…And winter means Christmas!

  64. My favourite thing about winter is knowing that Christmas is coming and a time to spend with my family after the rush of the year. I love seeing how pretty everywhere looks when snow has fallen. But my most favourite thing about winter this year is that my dad is here to share it after spending 7 months in hospital and being very ill he gets to see his favourite time of year.

  65. Walking my dog on a frosty white morning, with the sun glinting off of the frost. The clear, cold and calm peace is wonderful, especially when you are wrapped up warm.

  66. I love wrapping up warm before venturing out to do the Crimble shopping. Seeing everything covered in a blanket of snow with the sun shining is the prettiest sight. Spending time with family over the holidays is always special.

  67. My favourite thing about winter is going for a long walk on a cold morning, coming back to an open fire, pot of tea, home made cake and a good book, ahhh bliss

  68. I love winter as nothing better than being snuggled up in winter gear with the person you love plus those boots super stylish and cosy.Practical and stylish couldent get better!

  69. Having an excuse (and need) to build a log fire in my snug. I live in a lovely Victorian cottage and with the fire blazing, candles lit, a good book and a glass of wine (or 2) there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. Bring on the snow I say πŸ™‚

  70. I love going to the field in the winter with the kids and dogs. We go sledging down the hilly bits and then we walk down to the straits to see the ice at the edge of the water, the kids think it’s really exciting and the dogs try to tippy toe into the water and run back out when it’s too cold πŸ™‚

  71. I love the magical feeling that is in the air when it’s winter and Christmas is approaching. Like being outdoors in the cold and then coming inside to a lovely warm house. All in all winter conjures up cosy, happy times!

  72. the thing l like best about winter is putting on some snugg boots and a pair of jeans big thick cardi just the job when the great snow comes thats what l like the crisp snow

  73. Best days are the crisp, sharp air and blue skies then going for a walk with family all wrapped up in gloves and scarves.

  74. The best thing is the crisp white snow of the first fall, and being able to take the granchildren out for a walk, and to play in it πŸ™‚

  75. my favourite thing about winter, is being nice and cosy inside when the rain is belting down at the window, and good old hearty stews and casseroles mmmm !

  76. I love winter storms. Live near the sea and it’s amazing seeing the massive waves crash against the cliffs…..really beautiful.

  77. The best thing about winter is the cosy feeling you get when all warm inside, snuggled on the sofa with my little girls whilst it’s snowing/sleeting/raining outside.

  78. Listening to local radio in the morning and hearing the announcement that your school’s closed because of the snow, magic:)

  79. I love being in the house with the heating on and watching people outside walking through the snow and wind!
    Duvet, hot chocolate and a feel good movie mmmmmmm

  80. My fave thing about winter has got to be dressing up so warmly in layers and heading out for walks through parks and basically feeling as if you are in a christmas card type scene!

    Perfect… fave season!

  81. Coming in from work and getting into my pj’s that have een on the radiator and curling up on the couch under my fur throw πŸ™‚

  82. My favourite thing about winter is walking my dog on a bright sunny morning through the woods, past the lake and onto the open field with the grass and trees crusted in frost. Then home 2 hours later to a hot mug of soup and a bone (for the dog, obviously!)

  83. The best thing about winter is bedtime. I sleep so much better all snuggled up in a cool room but with a warm bed than I can when it’s hot and stuffy.

  84. My fave thing about winter is getting snowed in as we live on a massive hill and whenever it snows we literally cant drive out so me and my boyfriend have to stay off work. Such a shame πŸ˜‰

  85. Snuggling up with my 11 year old daughter under a blanket on the sofa, whilst drinking hot chocolate and watching chick flix.

  86. Dressing up in layers, and going for walks in a winter wonderland, visiting pretty villages with all the houses covered in Xmas lights.

  87. My favourite thing about winter is being able to wear boots – my favourite and most comfortable kind of footwear. And I love being able to buy them at a discount in the winter sales!

  88. I love feeling the cold air on my face when I leave the house, but knowing the rest of me is warm as I am wrapped up from head to toe.

  89. My Favourite thing about Winter is coming In from the freezing cold and snuggling up in front of the wood burner with my husband and my little dog.

  90. I love the dark nights in Winter – it’s the perfect excuse to draw the curtains, snuggle under a duvet on the sofa and watch a film with my daughter while drinking hot chocolate

  91. My favourite thing? Watching my dog get confused by the snow again! She’s 12 now, but every year acts as though it’s the first time she ever saw the white stuff!

  92. I love just before dark the pale grey sky and the crisp cold air with glowing lights shining from christmas time is herexx

  93. My fave thing about winter is being all wrapped up looking like Michelin man in a woolly hat and walking my dogs across local downland on a white frosty morning.

  94. My favourite thing about winter is the snow, I love the sights of the streets covered in white fluffy snow covering all the streets that was once covered in litter and dirt. Just the feel of walking through the snow brings that special festive spirt of Christmas that everyone shares with their loved ones.

  95. Wrapping up warm and going for a long walk on a cold bright day – taking the camera, as winter light is beautiful for photos, and a flask of coffee.

  96. One of the top things is adapting my summer skim board to take on the snow hills with homemade jumps and getting an awesome ride down before trudging all the way back up! Oh and the chaos the snow all seems to create!!

  97. Locking the door on a freezing and foggy friday night – knowing i can have a duvet day on saturday with the heating on catching up on the soaps

  98. my fave thing about winter is being about to rock outside with toastie warm clothing, sturdy footwear, and frosty noses!!
    …and when the snow has fallen deep…getting the snowboard out to enjoy the ride!!

  99. My favourite thing about Winter is wrapping up warm, pulling on boots over thick cosy socks and stepping out into the wonderland, feeling snowflakes on my face and embracing the cool, fresh air, throwing snowballs and coing home to a mug of hot chocolate, hot bath and pyjamas.

  100. Having a massive snow fight with friends followed with snuggling up with a blanket and watching movies with a hot drink in the warmth.

  101. My favourite thing about winter is when it snows and it crunches under your feet, also making a massive snowman πŸ™‚

  102. My favourite thing about winter is being able to wear boots everyday without getting hot feet!! ( I wear boots in Summer as well you see… and often get very hot! – I love boots that much!)

  103. My favourite thing about the winter is getting myself and my two sons Ziggy and Archie all wrapped up warm in our winter clothes, boots and hats and going for a walk in the snow or a splash in the puddles and having hot chocolate and marshmallows when we get home! (or maybe i will have a hot mulled wine!!)

  104. My favourite thing about winter is the xmas holidays – it’s an excuse for a nice chunk of time off work to spend with friends and family.

  105. My Fave thing about winter is wrapping up warm on a snowy day and having snowball fights! πŸ™‚ Also all the christmas parties πŸ™‚

  106. My favourite thing about winter is enjoying seasonal food like warming stews and hotpots, fluffy buttery baked potatoes,fruit pies with custard and steaming mugs of hot chocolate…..

  107. My favourite thing about winter is when it snows..going for long walks..listening to the crunching sound that my new cosylicious winter boots are making on the ground whilst i walk around!!

  108. my favourite things are snowflakes (I just love them), smell of the christmas tree and hot chocolate in cold evenings

  109. winter means cosy nights, cuddled up on the couch watching old movies, drinking mulled wine as the christmas lights twinkle in the room.

  110. I love crisp winter days when I can wrap up cosy and warm and take my camera out to get fantastic photos of the countryside.

  111. To look out of the window and see freshly fallen snow, which has not been walked upon. It gives such a cosy feeling – to be inside where it is dry,warm and cosy.Yet knowing others may be inside their homes with the same thoughts. (As the snow lies white and stiil, undisturbed on the ground).

  112. My fave thing about winter is when its snowed overnight and I go out and walk through the fresh virgin snow leaving my footprints….a simple but lovely pleasure πŸ™‚

  113. My favourite thing about Winter is getting all the family together for a lovely catchup around the coal fire, then going out for a walk in the snow with the dog.

  114. my fave thing is going out playing snowballs and making snow angels – then coming back in to a roaring log fire and hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm up again!

  115. the dog getting really excited that the sky is falling down when it snows then walking back into a warm home after a great walk in the crisp winter days.

  116. My favourite thing about winter is feeling the cold morning air on my cheeks as I am wrapped up warm on my way to work!

  117. my fave in the cold winter is pulling on my boots,my warmest coat and scarf and going out in the snow and feeling it fall in my hair and hearing it crunch under my feet.

  118. My favourite thing about winter is spending it with my family, either snuggled up at home watching a christmas movie or woodland walks on a crisp frosty day, playing in the snow if we get some or just splashing in the puddles with the children. πŸ™‚

  119. There is nothing more pleasing than watching the snowfall from a nice warm room! My main pleasure though is because I have a fair commute when it snows bad I get to work from home yay! πŸ™‚

  120. I love bunking off work to go sledging, snowboarding or skiing – it’s not my fault the roads are closed and the trains aren’t running!

  121. My favourite thing about winter is wrapping myself up with gorgeous scarves and wearing my furry boots. I love walking in the snow too πŸ™‚

  122. I adore winter; the cold, snow, dark nights but most of all, the run-up to christmas. Theres just such a buzz in the air and I love christmas shopping when beautiful lights fill the dark nights..very romantic!

  123. My favourite thing about winter is the snow. Wrapping up warma and cosy and seeing all the children having fun sledging and making snowman.

  124. To come in from the cold with glowing cheeks and then just snuggle down by the fire with a hot drink, warm blanket and a good book.

  125. my favourite thing about winter is watching people slip over on ice. It brightens an otherwise dull morning on the way to work.

  126. My favourite thing about winter, is sitting by the fire with a mug of mulled wine, listening to the rain beating against the windows

  127. Coming home after a nice brisk walk in the snow, to the log fire burning ( even it is is just gas nowadays ) and the smell of homemade soup and fresh bread πŸ™‚

  128. I love winter beacuse no one can see that I am walking my dog in my pjs, its dark and i am all wrapped up in a hundred layers my new winter boots are hiding my odd socks πŸ˜‰

  129. I will love putting on my new Sorel Trofino Red chilli Pepper boots this winter and showing them off to all my friends. Thats after you’ve sent them to me of course !!!!!!Size 5 please .

  130. I love when the bitter wind is blowing and im all wrapped up in hat, scalf and gloves. All warm with a slighly cold nose

  131. I love walking through the snow on a beautiful sunny day with my little little girl getting all excited that she is able to make little snow balls and throw them at Daddy…

  132. It may be unfashionable to like Christmas but I luv it! Its a chance to dress up and see all my friends and family!

  133. I love it when snow stops play, when schools are closed, and buses don’t run. When we go out onto the hills with our kids and make sledges out of bin bags and join in with all the other kids in the neighbourhood and play the day away x

  134. My best thing about christmas as its the only time of the year me and all my family get together and have laughs,give gifts to each other and eat lots and lots of food and not worrying about getting fat untill the next year!!

  135. I love looking out of the window, first thing in the morning, after a night of snowfall. The snow is pure and crisp, the air is quiet and stil……. the world wakes up and the footprints of people trying to get to work leave their mark on the snowy landscape.

  136. All the kids are no longer playing on the streets as it it either too cold or wet for them so that means peace and quiet for me in the evenings πŸ™‚

  137. I love the snow when its so deep that my husband cant go to work and me and him and our son have no choice but to stay in and eat mince pies or go and throw snowballs in the garden.

  138. I love the smell of a frosty morning when everything seems to have been bleached clean overnight by the cold.
    I also love November because it is my wedding anniversary!

  139. My favourite thing about winter is getting to spend time with the family. Winter always means Christmas in the UK so you know your going to see loved ones you havent seen for a year.

  140. I just love when there is a fresh blanket of snow and it has not been disturbed by anyone walking in it or cars on the road. Nice and pristine

  141. The great thing about winter is when you get out of bed for a wee and its freezing you jump back into a nice warm bed just heaven

  142. My favourite thing about winter is when it snows so i can go out with the kids and have some snow ball fights and make snow men until I can no longer feel my toes and my nose looks like rudolfs.

  143. I love fresh snow, it is what I call crunchy snow as it crunches when you walk on it, and a good time to wrap up and wear lovely boots

  144. My favourite thing about the winter is, hopefully if it is the same again this year, playing in the snow with my 3 eldest boys, they get so excited to see it, we have to be ready the night before so they can go straight out to play when it is first fresh. Would love these boots though! They would atleast keep my feet warmer for longer, especially as i walk my boys to school!

  145. My favourite thing about winter is all the brightly coloured christmas lights and fireworks! I absolutely love bonfire night and christmas!!

  146. My favourite thing about winter is getting all dressed up in winter clothes and going for a walk along the sea front to get some hot chocolate

  147. my favourite thing about winter is snow. i love waking up on a cold, frosty morning to discover it has been snowing during the night. makes me feel like a kid again.

  148. I love going out running early on a morning in the winter and seeing your breath in the cold air. Makes you feel like you’re working even harder!

  149. My favourite thing about winter is when the nights draw in, I close the curtains early and watch all my favourite TV programmes (such as X factor) in a cosy, warm living room, feeling nice and snug. Of course it’s my birthday the week before Christmas which adds to the excitement of winter too

  150. My favourite thing about winter is being sat in front of my lovely fire with my family watching cheesy dvd’s while it’s freezing outside!

  151. I really love to wake up and find it has snowed. The world looks fresh and clean and sounds are muffled and ethereal – until the kids wake up and start screaming with excitement … then the fun really begins!

  152. The best thing about winter is getting woken up by my little girl because it’s snowing then, while it’s still dark, standing with her in the garden in our pyjamas and our wellies watching the snow falling before anyone else gets before we go inside for a cup of hot apple juice to start the day.

  153. For me christmas is all about my two baby girls having fun, they would love to see me be a ‘TRENDY MUMMY’ in these boots!! πŸ™‚

  154. My fav thing about winter is snow snow and more snow. Last year reminded me of when I was a kid it was amazing. Everyone had a smile on their face

  155. My favourite thing about Winter is taking the kids to the Panto every year -they love it ,and so do I !My 8 year old nephew has come to live in the UK from Jamaica ,and has never seen a Panto before ,so he is really looking forward to coming with the rest of the family!—-Oh ,yes ,he is !!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. Best thing about winter is knowing that Christmas is coming and look on my childrens faces when all the christmas lights are on is priceless xx

  157. It has to be snow. Having a snowball fight with my children then coming back into the warm to have hot chocolate with marshmellows. Its magic.

  158. 1) Christmas, because it’s the celebration of the birth of my savior, Jesus Christ
    2) Family time around the holiday, because my family can fight, but we’re all together around the holidays
    3) Snow, because the kids enjoy it, and when it snows, it creates beautiful scenery.
    4) Driving trough town at night, because my family looks at all of the lights and they’re really pretty
    5) Hot chocolate, because it’s good πŸ™‚
    6) Wrapping presents, because I try to use a bunch of different papers so that in the end, under the tree, it looks colorful!
    7) Christmas music and movies, because they lift my spirits
    8) Everything, because everyday is a gift from the Lord!

  159. These are super if the winter ever arrives, and I’m pleased to see in the competition terms that resale on auction sites is prohibited.

  160. My favourite thing about winter is how you feel all tingly when you come back to a warm house after sledging in the snow.

  161. I love walking in the snow, my favourite time is getting out and walking on fresh fallen snow and hearing the crunching noise under my feet! I also love seeing my dog madly sniffing the ground and looking up with a little pile of snow on her snout! I can’t wait!! πŸ˜€

  162. My favourite thing about winter is wrapping up really warm and making that first impression in pure white crisp snow with my snow boots.

  163. I love feeling the winter chill on my face it wakes me up and feel alive. I also love the colors and excitement of christmas

  164. The best thing about winter for me looking at my horses all snugg and warm in their rugs, munching hay in their stables. Mind you, when you’ve got horses there’s lots about winter not to like!!

  165. When its really cold outside, coming home in the evening shutting the curtains lighting the fire and snuggling up with a big mug of tea on the sofa

  166. going for a walk in the countryside on sunny crisp morning with frost making everything look pretty. Then comming back home to a lovely warm house, a cuppa and some biscuits πŸ™‚

  167. I love when it snows. Getting up very very early and looking outside into the street and everything is covered and there is a quietness all around.

  168. My favourite thing about winter is coming home to a nice warm house and then lighting our wood burner. Nothing beats a proper fire! x

  169. My Favourite thing about winter is seeing the winter wonderland when snow has fallen and everything looks crisp,clean and beautiful like a magical land.

  170. My favourite thing about winter are weekends when I don’t have to go to work. Hubby and I can settle in, on the sofa maybe even under a duvet and shut out the dark evenings. My house never feels as cosy and inviting over the rest of the year. Add Christmas decorations into the mix and you’re on to an absolute winner!

  171. i love walking over the heath on a frosty winters morning when the grass is crisp and white the air is so fresh and clear and drinking a hot chocolate on the way x

  172. Everything seems so still and quiet when it has just snowed. I love spotting the Christmas trees in flat windows from the bus.

  173. My absolute favourite thing about winter is the fact that I can dress up in as many garments as I pleased, look like I’ve already eaten through Christmas, and still get away with it. πŸ™‚

  174. My favourite thing about winter is being able to go shopping for a new wardrobe of warm coats, snuggly knits and most importantly cosy boots! πŸ™‚

  175. Watching the kids and husband playing in the snow in the garden when school has been called off – an extra day to play – yippee!!

  176. My favourite thing about winter is sitting cosily in the living room with Christmas tree lit up watching Christmas specials on telly.

  177. My favourite thing about winter is being able to wear layers of clothes, boots, coat, scarf, gloves, hat etc and feel completely invincible to the weather! Its like a seasonal super power!!

  178. The best thing about winter, is waiting for the snow and then enjoying it when it finally happens! Making footprints in the freshly fallen snow, building a snowman and throwing snowballs with my hubby and our son – it’s brilliant and you can never be too old for it!! x

  179. I love cold nights walking my dog with my man, we always cuddle up on the sofa when we get back and warm each other up πŸ˜‰
    I also love walking in the woods with my kids as they love kicking all the leaves about x

  180. My favourite thing about winter is to put on my pj’s, curl up on the sofa with my daughter and watch a good DVD. . . with a few choc’s thrown in too of course!

  181. My favourite thing about winter is that I get to dress up in one hundred garments of which ever clothes I want, look like I’ve eaten through the Christmas holiday already, and get away with it! πŸ™‚

  182. Being bitterly cold outside but having a raging fire on indoors and being with your loved ones whilst relaxing after a trek out in the snow!

  183. I am the mummy of Naomi, who will be 21 years old on 30/11/2011, My favourite thing about winter is looking forward to giving a very special 21st birthday pressie for my daughter who is in plymouth College, I think I will be the greatest mum if i get my daughter her favourite soletrader sorel boots! for her 21st Birthday Present. Can you make this dream for her come true. please……….

  184. My favourite thing about winter is making time to visit friends and family over the Christmas break. Time seems to slow down as the lucky ones don’t have to go to work for a week or more so everyone can enjoy time together,chatting and going for walks in the countryside, well-wrapped up against the cold.

  185. knowing it well be xmas soon and all my family could be together hope this year my i should have my new baby to ,love been nice and warm with my fire on pjs and watching it snow outside ! happy xmas all and happy new yearxxx

  186. My favourite thing about winter is Christmas, big dinner followed by a lovely wintery walk. Hopefully with some new boots on! πŸ˜‰

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