Win a Short Bear Faux Fur Jacket from Ruby and Ed

One of our favourite new brands we are stocking this season is Ruby and Ed, who create simple and beautiful footwear, daywear and loungewear. We have a lovely range of slippers from Ruby and Ed, perfect to give as Christmas gifts or as a special treat for yourself.

We have a luxuriously soft and cosy Short Bear Faux Fur Jacket by Ruby and Ed to give away. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post, letting us know your top tips for keeping warm in winter.

Entries close Monday 17th December 2012.

141 thoughts on “Win a Short Bear Faux Fur Jacket from Ruby and Ed

  1. I keep warm by layering up – why wear just one pair of tights when you can wear two, preferably with a pair of leggings on top. Easily sheddable layers are essential for the top half to prevent overheating when going into shops! With a big furry coat, though, less layers = MORE πŸ™‚

  2. This coat looks so comfy cosy! My tip is put your coat on about 10mins before due to leave, you’ll get so warm when you go outside you won’t feel the cold as much! works for me try it! πŸ™‚ and not forgetting you need to keep head, feet, and hands warm then the rest of you stays warm what my mum and nan always told me:)

  3. This coat looks and probably feels GRRRReat! Top tip this party season to keep warm is to slip some leg warmers in your handbag, use them when the partying is over, your`e waiting for that taxi in freezing temperatures. Teamed up with that super fur coat and your heels!!!! You will certainly stand out from the crowd, it`s a showstopper :)))

  4. I love wrapping up in layers when going out. Thermal underware & woollen dresses. I would love to win the faux fur jacket to keep extra warm as it looks so snug. If I am staying at home I love nothing more than wearing fleece pj & thick bed socks along with fur lined slippers.

  5. It’s all about layering up. Lots of thin layers. Thick socks are a must!!! Top it your outfit with a nice cuddly warm coat (preferably fur) and a cute hat or ear muffs. You look stylish and stay warm at the same time.

  6. Sweet-Cotton candy? Nope!

    Chocolate syrup? Nah!

    Let me see.. How about sugar? Of course not!

    There is nothing as sweet as you -Bear Faux Fur Jacket by Ruby and Ed ))

  7. Love these gorgeous prizes ! I usually keep warm by wearing thermal underwear ,but if I won these I wouldn’t need to !

  8. wear plenty of thin layers to trap in the warmth and wear a hat because most of the heat is lost from the head πŸ™‚

  9. I love jumping around to good music, having hot drinks and putting the heating on full blast. when going out I guess layers are best, this gorgeous fur coat would keep me warm from head to toe and make going out for walks much more enjoyable!

  10. I swear by my faux fur covered hot water bottle when inside. I’ve had it a long time but it still looks fab and is an inexpensive and green way of warming up the bed. Outdoors, I wouldn’t be without my gloves, scarf, thick socks and, in particular, ear or ear muffs! Keeping my neck and ears warm makes such big difference! I don’t like to think how cold I’d be without them! *shiver*

  11. Stay in under a king-sized duvet, drink home-made ginger tea followed by a quality whisky…I guarantee you, you’ll hibernate for the rest of the winter!

  12. to keep warm firstly start from the bottom and work up, so first come the fluffy socks, hand knitted if possible,the gorgeous fluffy slippers from ruby and ed, then the onesie, then a gorgeous fluffy jacket that hopefully won all this with a cup of the naked chefs epic hot chocolate in a mug – watching the telly with the coke advert flying across your screen, the christmas lights on and the door locked – positively the best way to keep warm ever!

  13. When I go to watch the football, it’s 3 pairs of sock, my boots, two pairs of trousers, two jumpers, my hooded top, my hat & sheepskin gloves…………toasty!!

  14. My top tip would be to stay indoors, under your bed covers, with a hot chocolate. Watching all the silly people out in the frost and snow while your tucked up (regardless of whether you actually have to be somewhere) is the best warm cosy feeling!

  15. My tip is to start your car up 10 minutes before you leave for work and put the heaters on full blast so when you get it in it’s lovely and cosy!

  16. A fleecy dressing gown, cosy socks and cups of tea inside. Lots of layers and gloves outside. A fur coat would be fab too!

  17. I need my hot water bottle – shame it hip just burst (all over the bed when it was roasting!) and I need to buy a new one.

  18. Wrap up like an onion. Thermal undies, shirt, jumper, coat, hat, extra long scarf for wrapping around multiple times, gloves, wool socks, thick boots. That lot usually works!

  19. It’s 3.30 in the morning and minus four outside, and I know this because my partner has just arrived home from the late shift and I can’t sleep because I’m full of cold. Maybe if I’d seen the Ruby & Ed gear sooner I’d be asleep now. Finish this brew and try again !


  21. Lots of layers, vest top, thermals, fleece when going out. When indoors hot water bottle underneath the feet when at computer as feet always get cold at the computer. Fingerless gloves. Light candles as this gives the illusion of heat and wear a scarf.

  22. Wear lots of layers and always make sure your feet are warm, head covered and you are having plenty of hot drinks and soups.

  23. We have had a log burner fitted to the house, it is magical sitting in front of a roaring log fire on christmas eve, playing board games with all the family and friends round.

  24. Top tip for keeping warm is to huggle very close together with your partner. Good fun too!!.
    Oh, and a good pair of sheepskin boots!!

  25. I tend to wear lots of layers as i live in an old house where rooms are all different temperatures so you need to keep taking clothes on and off (sounds much more exciting than it really is lol!). These prizes look like they’d do a great job in the toastiness challenge!

  26. To keep warm you ahould wear layers. Several Layers are far more effective than one big coat, because air between the layers acts as insulation

  27. Make sure you keep your feet warm and cosy, because if they feel cold you’ll never manage to get the rest of you feeling comfortable.

  28. I wrap up warm in hat, gloves and scarves…as well as lovely boots. In the house you can’t beat a snuggle under a blanket with a loved one when chilly

  29. Laying is number one but combined body heat always warms you up so someone to hold hands with and cuddle is essential!

  30. OOh would be as snug as a bear in this lovely faux fur jacket.. yes please do enter me in!!!

    I wear layers and at times do wear thermal top/leggings underneath… sure makes a difference and at least your getting out and about rather than hibernatine!

  31. I keep warm by wearing lots of thinner layers under a thick coat, but I put them all on the radiator for a while first so everything is thoroughly warm. Indoors, I find a hot shower, with clothes warmed up for afterwards, and a thick blanket or fleece to snuggle under works.

  32. Well, I think this beautiful jacket would work for me!! At present I have a very cosy parka…..but it’s not very lady like!!

  33. Keep your extremities warm and the rest of you will be warm too – a hat, thick socks and gloves are the best ways to stay warm.

  34. oooh – that coat looks so warm, and those ruby and ed slippers. wow. i keep warm currently with thick woolly socks and big slouchy jumpers, as i have neither a proper snug coat for winter or indeed any slippers. xx

  35. I’m an expert, my house is so cold! Plenty of hot water bottles. Hot drinks. Put plastic on the windows. Fan heaters. Wear loads of layers. Warm up in the car! Have a duvet around you as you watch TV.

  36. Wear thin layers when you go out in the cold.
    Back in the “olden” days, men were sent to work with a hor cornish pasty in their pocket!!

  37. Go to bed early (with your partner is best) Not on,y do you keep warm but it certainly spices up your sex life, πŸ™‚

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