Win Swedish Hasbeens Sandals & Bag!

New to SOLETRADER, Swedish Hasbeens create shoes inspired by the 70s, handmade with respect for people and the environment. Their ambition is to continue to release more incoherent and fun shoes and stuff inspired by Hasbeens that once ruled the planet.
We have a pair of Swedish Hasbeens Ornament clogs, plus a bag to give away!
To enter, tell us about your most retro item of clothing in the comments below before midnight Wednesday 17th April.

To enter, tell us about your most retro item of clothing in the comments below before midnight Wednesday 17th April.

214 thoughts on “Win Swedish Hasbeens Sandals & Bag!

  1. I have a wonderful 60’s black sleeveless A-line dress made of thick crepe de Chine with a silk tassle fringe all the way round, falling from the hips – twenties style.

  2. I have a U2 Unforgettable Fire tour t-shirt that I bought when they played at Manchester Apollo in 1984. It doesn’t fit me anymore (well it was nearly 30 years ago) but I just can’t bring myself to let it go. Are the 80’s retro?

  3. I actually own a vintage velvet Biba dress with a lovely floral piece underneath it – is is stunning, although I cannot fit in it anymore 🙁

  4. I’m quite jealous that my daughter looks better in my hoarded 70’s and80’s clothes than I ever did, especially the smocked, poppy-print maxi dress which I loved. Still perfect for dressy barbies.

  5. I have a pair of Retro boots with MASSIVE heels and soles – they are all the colours of the rainbow and I think I only wore them once because I could never walk in them!

  6. that would be my ‘Smash Hits’ t-shirt (you know that mag from the 80’s that we used to read cover to cover and had all those posters of Duran Duran etc! lol one of my sisters has borrowed it for an 80’s party and I have not seen it since!

  7. The most Retro one I’ve got is probably a Blazer my mum made for herself in the 60’s – it’s a rich blue one made from velvet and just gorgeous!

  8. I have a checked black and white pair of platform shoes, I still wear them on occassions, they draw lots of attention …

  9. I am the proud owner of a rather smelly Afghan coat, which I inherited from my mother. I bet it has seen many weird sights!

  10. A real balenciaga handbag that I found in a charity shop and piles o necklaces ,also my ysl wedges which I will never get rid of.

  11. I am the very proud owner of. Pair of Mary Quant white plastic boots. I was the bees knees when I wore them more than 40 years ago – and I can’t quite bring myself to get rid of this blast from the past.

  12. I have a gorgeous pair of leather sandals which my mum bought in New York in the seventies, they are much-loved but starting to show signs of many years of wear – maybe some new sandals would be a good idea 🙂

  13. Well I have lots of retro embroidered velvet maxi skirts and jackets- in shades of purples oranges and greens, as well as some copies bought at Camden, which, as they were elastic waistbands I still wear them as I love the colours and you can’t get as many colours in clothes and shoes now

  14. I have a pair of flared velvet trousers with flowery inserts that I made from a pair of curtains in the early 70s!

  15. I don’t know whether this counts as truly retro because it isn’t that long ago but I do have a fetching pair of 90’s spice girl esq platform trainers haha

  16. I have a Jade Green Maxi Dress – With Angel Sleeves and Tiered Skirt – 70s
    full length dress in jade green feels wonderful to wear, with its supple fabric and bold shape. The elegant detailing of the gathered neckline and angel sleeves makes this a graceful dress, perfect for wearing out in the evening.

  17. I do not seem to have kept any of my retro clothes although my daughter has a real fur jacket her dad bought me when I had her. A definate no no now but she still kept it.

  18. Unfortunately, I don’t have any retro clothing. Will have to have a good rummage in the charity shops to see what treasures I can find.

  19. I have a Nike summer jacket from the L.A 1984 Olympics. I was given it by my Finnish friend who was participating in the Olympics a few years later when I was 11 years old! I still treasure it!

  20. I have a Frank Usher suit – black cropped jacket and jacquard, box pleated skirt! Don’t think I could fit into it but my daughter thinks it looks great and wants me to keep it – just in case! Its 35 years old! Also got my ‘going away’ outfit – cotton suit from Jacques Vert – 31 years ago!

  21. Probably the most retro is a 80s Ball dress I have from my Mother in Law. Came in really handy for a fancy dress party last year!

  22. I have a full-length purple velvet and satin Crowthers evening coat, with puff sleeves and wide lapels, worn by my mum in the late ’60s-early 70s. Fantastic!

  23. I have hand knitted cardigans that my mum made over 30 years ago which I still wear on occasion, very precious

  24. My most retro item of clothing is a beautiful rose print pale blue dress I bought in a vintage shop in Paris for just for 5 euros.

  25. i have an amazing 70s yellow and orange flowered petticoat which is completely see-through and i can’t believe i used to wear as a skirt but i love the pattern

  26. I have my full length leather coat from the sixties. love all the vintage stuff, & what goes around, comes around so I never throw any of it out.

  27. My mum was clearing out her cupboards and found a lovely navy jacket, when she gave it to me I remembered I had bought it in the 60’s and it still fitted even though I was in my late 40’s. I was so proud that it still fitted me and still had comments about my smashing navy jacket.

  28. I have a beautiful silk dress suit from the 50s – it’s pale blue and green and I think it was handmade – fully lined. I feel like Jackie Onassis in it!

  29. I have a lovely camel coat which got for my 18th birthday so it will be 30 year old this year. Still wear it 😀

  30. I have an early 1950s chacoal taffetta cocktail dress, still have it and it’s beautiful unfortunately now I’m a dress size bigger and can’t fit into it at the moment, but who know I might lose weight again, I felt special when I use to wear it!

  31. My little baby girl looks smashing in some of my old Marimekko clothes (Finnish designer) so we’re talking 31 year old funky dresses with very retro pattern a la early 80’s!

  32. i have a lovely 80’s jacket in block colours, coral and black, i used to wear a lot of jacket type tops and was a real skinny bean back then

  33. I’m afraid I don’t have any retro clothing unless a 1980’s Star Trek convention t-shirt counts. 🙂

  34. I only need to go through my mums wardrobe to find something retro its fantastic!! She’s kept everything from the 60’s just wish I could fit in to it

  35. Unfortunetly i don’t currently own any retro clothing, retro clothes are hard to come by and are expensive so i haven’t been able to ever buy any.

  36. I have an amazing vintage floral silk bed-jacket. So beautiful! I think it dates back to the 30s or 40s.

  37. I have a turquoise coat dress from the 80’s – double breasted buttons at front, with whopping shoulder pads!

  38. I have the best retro 80’s denim jacket with a wicked batman on the back. Bought it in Canada in a charity shop for $5 dollars. Boom!

  39. I have a dress croheted by my mother from a pattern in WOMAN magazine in 1969. Itis white ad I wore it with white tights and white patent chunky shoes. That nght I metmy husband at a Sheffield University Hop featuring the Pentangle folky type singers. We would have been married 40 years in December. Sadly he died suddenly sixweeks ago. He loved that dress which I continued to wear t to various retro events and it still fits me!

  40. I have an original ‘waspie belt’ from the sixties. It is three shades of blue and made from a wide elasticated fabric with a clever interlocking buckle. Just wish I was still slim enough to wear it.

  41. I don’t own any retro clothing. I was a teenager in the 70’s so I wore platforms, flares and the like but I didn’t keep any of them.

  42. I have a lovely 80’s Jaeger London dress which is drop waist in black and white wide horizontal stripes. It has a brilliant midi fit and actually goes amazingly with my very own tattered pair of Swedish Hasbeens.

  43. I have a wonderful brown leather satchel with I think is from the 60s or maybe older. It’s very Indiana Jones!

  44. I have an old argyll jumper knitted by my granny for my Dad before I was born over 30 years ago. My Mum shrunk it and it fits me perfectly now!

  45. Either a satin batwing blouse that was my mum’s! I never wear it out, mind you – I just don’t have the confidence to do that!

  46. I have a beautiful silk 40s dress that I bought from a 2nd hand street market stall over thirty years ago. It’s been worn at weddings and special events – now sadly too small for me

  47. All my clothes seem ancient I’ve had them for so long, I have got some rather spiffy items off my gran that I wear .

  48. My aunty was known in the 80’s and 90’s for wearing very bold cardigans and sweaters, I would go as far as saying they were quite ugly! When I was 18 I mentioned to her that I would love to have worn them and wished she still had them! She turned up a week later with a selection of her old cardies for me! They were just as bold and bright as I remembered and I picked out my faves – which I still wear to this day and gets loads of compliments! Although my mum cringes when she sees me wearing one!

  49. I have an amazing black 80s trophy jacket covered in multi-coloured metallic sequins, with iridescent beaded buttons. It’s super trashy but in a good way… if you know what I mean! I get compliments every time I wear it and the best thing of all is that it cost me £8 in a North London charity shop – total and utter bargain.

  50. My Doctor Who-style 10 foot long scarf, hand-knitted with multi-coloured wool. It’s an eyesore, but has fond memories.

  51. I have a great full length 70s dress in …brown lace (YEAH!) with a nude colour underdress (as a friend said, ‘a little bit racy, a little bit demure’).. I bought it for a ‘hip to be square’ evening I arranged with friends where the challenge was to spend no more than £15 in a charity shop and then hit London on a Saturday night in our new outfits. So much fun – I’d really recommend it. And, if I had these sandals, I’d definitely give that outfit another outing!

  52. I have a pair of curling tongs that you heat on a gas cooker. I don’t use them now as I cant bear the smell of singed hair

  53. Mine would have to be huuuuuuge purple parachute combats!Almost MC Hammer-ish! *hears the sound of the fashion police and legs it!*

  54. The only really retro thing i own is a M&S Nightie that was my mums but its just so soft & perfect for snuggling up in & has a cute kitty cartoon on it! wish i had more really retro stuff though as think its fab! xx

  55. I have my Grandfathers leather blazer that he bought in the 1950’s. It’s faded, battered and butter soft and it reminds me of him everey time I put it on. I have worn it with jeans, with dresses, my husband has worn it…it is one of my most prized possessions.

  56. My late 80’s leather motorbike jacket and heavy metal t-shirts (with all the sleeves cut off) – it all still fits!

  57. I have a traditional Danish wool cardigan that my dad gave me, he bought it whilst on holiday with my mum in the 70’s. It has a brown & burnt orange border & traditinal metal clasps. It’s a bit scratchy, but I love it!!

  58. I have my mum’s lovely yellow/green dress which must be from the 60s. I absolutely love it, now waiting for the summer so I can wear it again….

  59. In 1969 I bought a beautiful silk tie-dyed full length skirt, it was the age of flower-power and “peace man”.
    Eventually it was consigned to the back of the wardrobe until my then 17 year old Boho daughter discovered it. A quick whizz in the washing machine and my beloved skirt was in circulation again for a few years.
    The other day my grandaughter Emily was nosing through my wardrobe, “Ooh, this is lovely Nan, can I borrow it?”.
    What comes around goes around.

  60. I have still got a pair of flaired jeans with flower motif pattern and 28 inch bottoms ! a real throw back to the swinging sixties.

  61. My most embarrassing retro item is a sample jacket from the height of the eighties. Raglan sleeved in baby blue, pink and silver paisley print with six inch shoulder pads. Yes, I wore it then but now it is retained for fancy dress purposes!

  62. I have a great anorak that belonged to my gran. I’m sure it was bought as a suitable item of rainwear for a woman of a certain age but these days it looks like a vintage Nike shell jacket.

  63. A great pair of 70s Emcar culottes which are super wide and colourful. They would look groovy with these lovely Hasbeen clogs!

  64. Mine is probably a sixties-style dress (bought at the end of the 1980s) that is a little faded now but still fits like a dream and looks as god as ever so I drag it out every summer! I only recently discarded a pair of jeans I had had since the age of 11 (I’m 46 now!) and though they still fitted, they had been patched a fair few times, and I’m having to be more ruthless with my clearing out this spring clean so the jeans had to go. Couldn’t bear to throw out my 25 year-old Kickers though 😉

  65. My most retro item is a fabulous 50’s dress, it has a full skirt and is polka dots, I feel so girly wearing it.

  66. I love my mum’s bell-bottom jeans from the seventies which I feel would be beautifully complimented by these clogs!

  67. A well worn zip up leather jacket that was my brothers when he was 12, hes now 42, its a perfect fit for me and goes so well with jeans etc. Loads have asked where i got it from

  68. I have a 1930’s sleeveless dress in pink silk overlaid with black lace – it belonged to my Nan, it is beautiful and I’ll never part with it.

  69. I have platform-soled boots from the late 70’s – they used to be worn with strides and bands like Slade made them fashionable. Problem – they are green!!!

  70. My mothers fur jacket. I know all the fuss about real fur coats and I would never buy one or wear one myself, but the coat is so lovely I just can’t bear to part with it.

  71. A 70s greeny 3/4 length blue leather jacket which is living in the attic at the moment but it will come out again when I shift this pregnancy weight. Looks great with my purple vintage flares.

  72. I got red/cream gingham skirt i bought in topshop in 1994 . I loved it pulled so many guys in it and even when i said i was happily engaged to my now husband they wouldnt take the hint. Ive kept it in hope one day i might fit it again

  73. 1965 John Smedley twin set, that was given to my mum when she was a designer there. Just wear the cardigan, it still looks as good as new and they still make identical ones.

  74. My most retro item of clothing (if footwear counts) is definitely my JuJu babe jelly shoes.
    These are a modern twist of jelly shoes we all wore when we were young. They have a 2 inch block heel, giving them a gorgeous sophisticated look.
    They’re bright pink and I love to match them with bold coloured socks 🙂

  75. I have a brown a-line mini dress which belonged to my mother in the sixties. It’s beautifully cut with little cap sleeves – if only I could still squeeze into it.

  76. I don’t wear them anymore, but I have some jeans that were very expensive and are cut off jaggedly mid calf and have big holes all over them (bought that way) from the early 90s.

  77. A 70’s floral maxi dress (it was my mum’s). I even have an old photo of my mum wearing it on holiday. It’s very boho, very floaty & once I’ve gotten over my slight trepidation about the (ahem) ‘striking’ 70’s print, I plan to wear it to a festival this year 🙂
    ps: it would look great with those Swedish Hasbeens 🙂 x

  78. I only wear vintage or vintage-inspired clothing and am so passionate about it that I run a little business selling it. Every day is for dressing up and a day without a beautiful outfit is a day wasted! One day I could be wearing an original 1970s Ossie Clark dress, the next a pretty 1930s tea dress – but one thing I’ve learned is that Swedish Hasbeens go with all of my vintage outfits no matter what the era

  79. The most retro item of clothing I have is a lace top that was tailor-made for my grandmother which she wore till her 40s. I wore it in my late teens (it is tiny) which I am not anymore.

  80. Oh I love these and they are so far out of my price range…I actually had them before they were Hasbeens ! I have friend in Sweden and bought some there when they were just sandals…, I really covert these here !

    I would wear a Maxi dress and maybe even a straw floppy brimmed hat ! Just like I used to do.

  81. I have some dayglo multicolored striped leggings from the 80s. I used to wear them in my raving days with my whistle and gloves. I kept them for posterity. My children HATE them! haha

  82. I went to Hong Kong on holiday 20 years ago, and got a beautiful lined shift dress made by a tailor there – he was a genius, because despite fluctuations in my shape and my size, the dress has fitted me consistently all that time. I store it for a few years at a time, when I get bored with it, but I would never get rid of it because I am always delighted when I ‘find it again’. I have always just called it an ‘old dress that still fits’ but every time I wear it my best friend corrects me, and tells me to call it ‘vintage’ so I am!

  83. I have a beautiful 70s leather mini skirt passed down from my mother, it’s fun to think that she wore it when she was my age!

  84. A T shirt I sleep in when I am sad, it is from when I was a teenager and I am now 51 so it is now ancient (like me!!)

  85. I have a 80s satin turquoise bolero that is ruffled on the sleeves with shoulder pads. I gave it to my friend as a lend but now I want it back, it truly turns heads!

  86. I have a handmaid multi-coloured crochet waist jacket from the 1970’s. It is unique, as I made it with help from my late Gran.

  87. I have my grandmother’s leather coat from the 1940s – it’s such a good quality that it still looks virtually brand new

  88. Just bought it last week. A beautiful deep jade silk coat, fully lined, with embroidered pocket flaps and lapels. Am planning to wear it for my sister’s wedding in July.

  89. I have a dress that my Mum owned in the early 70’s. It’s a cerise pink and is gathered to one side with spaghetti straps. It’s a silky material and I don;t wear it often but I feel so special when I do.

  90. A bright grass green mini dress of my mums from the Sixies, loved it and wore it lots when I was a little younger and slimmer, hoping to get back into it one day or pass it onto a daughter!

  91. I have the very famous Katherine Hamnett ‘Stay Alive in 85’ silk T Shirt, as on display in V&A museum. Can’t imagine I’ll ever wear it again !

  92. I have my old yellow Brownies Tshirt and Jumper which would look super cute with a skater skirt and these Swedish Hasbeens sandals <3

  93. I unfortunately don’t have any. Though question has led me to think back to clothing I wore in the past, as I typically tried out the fashion of the day be it platform heels or gypsy dress etc.

  94. A shimmery pink oversized jumper with pink and pearl coloured bead stitched onto the front from the 80’s….it was my mums!

  95. i have a 1970s brown leather Furla sachel style handbag, which i adore and use regularly. my daughter also borrows it frequently

  96. I have a pair of 1960’s Biba platform heeled boots, and a fantastic 1970’s purple cape which belonged to my Mum, I wear them all the time!

  97. A miniscule hand printed mini-skirt which I bought in York from a little boutique in 1968 for the princely sum of £2.00, and which would barely go round my thigh now!

  98. I had a couple of flowery muslin tops that I wore with my bell bottom trousers.Added to that I wore a pair of wooden wedge shoes, and a leather tasseled shoulder bag.

    I probably looked a right mess, but I felt special.

  99. I still have my long length denim skirt i bought way back in 1968, and i have worn it through the decades on an off. I am almost 60 and i won’t let the skirt go. I also have the bag i bought to go with it. They are in the loft now, but i love that skirt, it was a comfortable to wear.

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  101. Wow, my best piece of retro clothing has to be My Bleached white Levi Jeans from back in the day that i used to wear with my Miami Vice style cotton Jacket. At the time, i thought the combo looked so good, Ladies would fall at my feet, Bartenders would give me freebies , Other men would want to be me.. the only problem was that when i was having these dreams i wasn’t actually wearing the jeans or the jacket…… The Jacket perished a long time ago, the jeans are still there, in the wardrobe, just as sharp as they were back in the day …. its just that they are the same size they were then, and i unfortunately am NOT …… Levi quality still looks good though , Best EVER retro brand

  102. One day I decided to review your wardrobe to get rid of old things. And as I was amazed when I found in the closet of my mom’s dress, style of 60-70 years of last century. I tried on it and it came to me in size. Now often dress and wear this dress at home. I love it!

  103. my most retro outfit is a 1940’s pink silk evening gown. i will be wearing it to Haworth 40’s weekend in May

  104. My mum passed down fabric to me from the 60s, I dusted it off and made a cute shift dress out of it. I love it to bits .. modern fit, but retro fabric!

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