Facebook FitFlop Contest – T&Cs – April – May 2014

Facebook FitFlop Contest – T&Cs – April – May 2014

 1.       Which territories will the Contest run in?


2.       What are the start and end dates and times?

7 days, April

3.       What do entrants need to do?

Like a post, answer a question

4.       How should entries be submitted?

On the comments tab on the Facebook post

5.       How many winners will there be?

7 winners, 1 a day over 7 days

6.       Who will choose the winner and by what criteria?

Picked at random

7.       What is the prize(s)?

Pair of FitFlop shoes

8.       How and when will the winner be notified?

Announced on the Facebook wall within the competition period

9.       What information (if any) must the winner give us to receive the prize?

Address when needing to send their shoes to them

 10.   How and when will the prize be delivered?

Within 1 month of winning

11.   Will we want to use entries for purposes other than the Contest?


12.   Do we require entrants to sign up to our mailing list?



One thought on “Facebook FitFlop Contest – T&Cs – April – May 2014

  1. Hi
    Thank you for picking me as a winner for a pair of AZTEK CHADA Fitflops
    My shoe size is 5
    My address is :- 24 Aqua Blue, Henver Road,Newquay,Cornwall,
    TR7 3BJ

    Thanks again carn’t wait to receive them 🙂

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