Sir Richard Branson’s joined the Gandys movement!



Gandys is the new Flip Flop range that is sweeping the globe, from Newhaven to Necker Island (that’s Richard Bransons $54,000 a night Carribean retreat…). Gandys was founded by Rob and Paul Forkan, two brothers who were left orphaned in Sri Lanka by the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. The brothers created the Orphans for Orphans campaign to help other orphans around the world by building Gandys Orphanages, funded by selling their luxury Flip Flop range.

Gandys Explorer Flip Flops, £17.99
The do-good, feel-good shoe available in white, grey, blue and black from SOLETRADER.


And to celebrate INTERNATIONAL FLIP FLOP DAY  Friday 21st June, Sir Richard Branson and the whole Virgin enterprise are ditching their shoes for Red Gandys Flip Flops!

No longer Gandys Virgins – the team outside Virgin HQ in London


‘Rob and Paul Forkan’s story was very moving and I was humbled by their ability to turn a personal tragedy into something so positive. They are inspiring young entrepreneurs, starting out in business but also trying to transform the lives of children in need. We’re happy to be supporting them and I love that Necker Island now has a flip flop named after it!’ said Richard.

Branson’s on board with the Gandys movement

The previously named Tokyo Red Flip Flop has now been renamed as NeckerRed!

Sir Richard Branson and his staff wearing Necker Red Flipflops at his luxury island resort of Necker in the British Virgin Islands.

 Shop Gandys here and check out our Gandys outfit ideas below on Polyvore!


Gandys - how to wear!

Gandys – how to wear! by soletrader

Uniqlo maxi dress
£5.04 –

Vivienne westwood man

Tommy hilfiger

£105 –

Wallis bracelets bangle
£5.75 –

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