A sneak peek into Simon Carter

A year down the line into our exclusive collaboration comprised of smart and suave silhouettes, we caught up with the brains behind the brand – Simon Carter himself. Covering all things fashion and style related from design inspiration and channeling creativity to secret habits and proudest achievements, welcome to a sneak peek into Simon Carter.

Tell us a little bit about the Simon Carter and SOLETRADER partnership…

I’ve been a fan of SOLETRADER for years so when the opportunity came up to design an exclusive collection, I jumped at the chance. It was fun to work with the design team to interpret my ideas and use the details and themes from my clothing ranges. 

We’re nearing a year of the collaboration. How do you think it’s gone?

It’s gone really well! We’ve sold thousands of pairs across the country so that’s lots of happy feet. I’m now working on a collection for next summer!

How have your designs and creativity developed since the collaboration launched with us?

I’m always working on new ideas and ways to bring references from my clothing and accessories into the shoe collection. I am opening 10 stores in India presently and when I was in Mumbai, I was inspired by the colours and vibrancy. Expect to see a few details with an Indian theme in the future.

Tell us about what influences your footwear design?

I like shoes that have personality and so that’s what I put into the designs. I incorporate my pet dog Gervaise, as we embark on crazy adventures on my scooter. The three brand values at Simon Carter are: original design; excellent quality; great value for money and the shoes really reflect that.

Who is the typical Simon Carter consumer?

The Simon Carter customer is ageless. He understands good design and has an eye for quality and style.

Out of the newest instalment of the collection, what’s your favourite design?

I like the new suede colour ways in the Elgar boot. This is a modern update on the classic Chelsea boot and one of our best sellers.

What does a typical day involve for you?

I’m not an early morning person. I’d rather work late into the night, and frequently do! I live near my office in South London so I’ll either walk there or catch the train up to my showroom in Mayfair. A lot of my time is spent meeting interesting people to see how I can collaborate and extend the Simon Carter brand into new areas and countries. I’m an investor in a thriving cake and coffee shop so sometimes I’ll wind down over a good flat white and slice of victoria sponge.

What’s been your proudest achievement for the brand to date?

When I was in Mumbai for the opening of my Indian flagship store there were a lot of press and the store itself is amazing. I was very proud to think how far the brand has come on its journey.

Is there something you’d love to add to your brand but haven’t got around to yet?

I’m often asked when I will start producing women’s shirts. I’m known for my bold prints and strong, colourful designs – many of the fabrics would make great women’s shirts. My answer is ‘watch this space’!

How do you envision the future of Simon Carter evolving?

My plan is to open more Simon Carter stores, both here and abroad. After my successful launch in India, I’m really excited about the opportunities in China.

Have you done any celeb spotting for your footwear collection?

No celebs as yet but I keep looking at their feet in the gossip sections!

Describe your style in 3 words.

My style in 3 words. Hmm, that’s hard. ‘Updated classic British’.

Tell us a quirky fact about you that nobody knows (until now!)

I always wear two watches!

What’s your favourite piece of advice/quote?

My French teacher when I was about 10 gave the class this odd piece of advice. I remember him writing it on the blackboard ‘Style is what you make it’.

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