adidas x Supershell

After storming the industry with his Superstar collection, international icon Pharrell Williams continues his fruitful relationship with adidas to bring to life his next vision – the Superstar Supershell.


The new collection features one-of-a-kind artwork from both Pharrell himself and “Mr” – a Japanese anime artist whose work is rendered in the anime style and reflects the unique Japanese concept of “moe” (a new form of beauty in the contemporary age). The range also features designs from New York City artist Todd James, whose creativity is inspired by his experiences growing up around hip-hop and graffiti culture.


With a variety of designs, prints and moulded outlines, the personality and artistic influences behind each shoe are clear to see.

Brought to life on the legendary Superstar profile, the shell toe is the canvas for each artist’s vision, bringing a fresh, modern look to the classic design.


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