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Festival season is finally upon us and while you may be thinking non-stop about the amazing line-up, have you spared a thought about which shoes you’ll be packing? There’s a fine balance to be struck between optimism and realism and the only way to truly cover all your bases (and keep your socks dry) is to pack for all eventualities. Sunshine? Grab some streamlined sandals. Pouring rain? Pull out the wellies. Forgotten where you’ve pitched your tent? Erm, sorry – you’re on your own with that one.

We’ve broken down our festival footwear essentials to help you decide which will make the cut for that all important space in the backpack. Probably best to pack some clothes too though.

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Obviously these are the natural choice for a festival in Britain. It may be the height of summer, but we’ve all been to enough damp barbeques to know the reality of the situation. When someone says “Oh, there’s a bit of blue sky over there”, we know we’re going to need our wellies.

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The unthinkable has happened and the sun has come out. You’ll be wishing you slipped a pair of flip flops in your bag. Pack Havaianas if you’re stuck for space or bring along your Birkenstocks if you want to look a little more fashion-forward.

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Sometimes you need to just get to the main stage as quickly as possible – for this, a slip on can be a lifesaver. There are no laces to tie, no awkward pulling on or off, just slip on and go. Choose a slimmer style for a lightweight feel, or look to Vans for Old Skool appeal.

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Team your floral sandals with your floral backpack and a floral tee. You may look like you’re on safari, but your friends definitely won’t lose you in the crowd.

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Just because you’re at a festival doesn’t mean you need to look all scruffy. If it looks like it’s going to be a dry one, make a smarter impression in chukka boots. Probably don’t wear them if it’s chukking it down though (see what we did there?).

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Why break the habit of a lifetime? If you’re never without your trusty pair of trainers, why not take them on your festival journey with you? Every time you wear them afterwards, you’ll be taken back to muddy tents, crowd surfing and stage invading.

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