Autumn Shoe Guide

Instant rockstar chic. Ankle boots and skinny jeans are to the rock ‘n’ roller a kind of unofficial uniform. The seamless lines of the boot fit the slim silhouette of skinny jeans perfectly. For warmer days, bare legs and boots are the perfect combination for an autumnal style transition.


This boot was originally designed for industrial workers, but due to its classic design aesthetic and impeccable quality it has recently become popular with a more urban crowd. Worn with a checked shirt and denim jacket this is a perfect look for the weekend.


A brogue is the perfect companion to wear with a slim-fit suit. We suggest opting for a colour such as dark brown to complement your autumnal outfit choices. Wear them without socks for a modern, yet infalliable masculine look.


Sometimes you want a pair of boots to look smart. Sometimes you’d rather it protected you from the relentless British weather. But then again, sometimes it’s all about how they feel – these Vivienne Westwood rain boots being a perfect example. Excellent at keeping your feet dry yet stylish, we’re welcoming the rain.



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