Do you want a FREE pair of Cat boots?

Social media savvy? Footwear fanatic? You could be the perfect new addition to the #CATWEARTESTER community. If you’re down for putting a pair of the new EASE technology boots through their paces and giving your brutally honest feedback, then we’re looking to hear from you. Sounds too good to be true? Wrong. Looking for a little more info? Read on.


Cat Footwear embodies the spirit of hard work and creates expertly engineered products designed to stand the test of time. This AW16, Cat Footwear will recruit a selection of credible wear testers to experience for themselves the innovation and expert execution of the new EASE technology.

What exactly is this new and exciting EASE technology you speak of, we hear you ask? Well, it’s a custom engineered foam offering comfort without compromise. The responsive cushioning is lightweight, durable and provides non-stop energy return. Sounds pretty fancy, right?

Successful recruits are advised to wear the product for three weeks and as often as possible in order to observe the full benefits of the technology. We’re looking for dedication, a passion for durable footwear and most importantly, honesty. In return for a free pair of boots, each recruitee will be invited to give feedback on their experience and share their valued insights.

There are ONLY 20 places up for grabs, so if you’re keen to become part of the #CATWEARTESTER community, please apply here.

As always, please be aware that styles and sizes are subject to availability and Terms and Conditions do apply. The application process will close on Friday 7th October and successful recruits will be notified on Monday 10th October.

6 thoughts on “Do you want a FREE pair of Cat boots?

  1. Would love to try these. They look like the perfect shoes that I can wear around town running errands, chasing my nephew or to a sports game!

  2. Having previously purchased Cat Footwear, I know how durable, hard wearing and most importantly comfortable. I would love to be given the opportunity to try these AW 16 boots. Given all the walking and miles I do they certainly would get a good trial.

  3. I wear Cat safety boots too work.
    I enjoy how comfortable they are also how hard wearing they are.
    Always been tempted to buy some other styles of the Cat brand but never really thought I would.
    These would be a good opportunity to try the other styles of the Cat brand.

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