Feeling Blue?


It’s a time of year fraught with financial difficulties, Christmas come-downs and weather-woes. You can’t remember the last time you were paid (pre-Christmas? What even is that?!) and it’s like the days are conspiring to get even shorter. Every news outlet is telling you that this is the time to be blue. Statistics about how you’re automatically required to feel sad are everywhere to be seen, so there’s no point in even trying to deny it. It’s a given fact. Oh, I’m down because it’s January? I’d better stay in and watch a whole box set in bed. Where did that weekend go?

No one is singing the praises of this undervalued time of year. It offers a much-needed rest from the excesses of December – you can’t maintain that amount of indulgence. It means more home cooking, more time to see friends and an opportunity to get on top of those jobs around the house you keep putting off. Cold weather means comfort food, hot chocolate with marshmallows and long, hot bubble baths. What’s depressing about that?

Not only that, but January is also prime sale time. You can pick up some amazing bargains that will last you all through the year. Here at SOLETRADER, our sale is still going strong and we’ve picked the best blue bargains to help you beat the blues.

Invest in designer


Buying designer shoes is an investment and with a hefty January discount, it makes a lot of financial sense. They will be right on trend and will only improve with age. Go for something slightly lesser known like Aquascutum for extra style points, or choose an absolute classic like statement Stella McCartney winter boots.

Smarten up and look the part


If you look tired, you’ll feel tired. Smarten up your look and you’ll instantly feel like you can take on the world. Slip on a smart pair of leather lace-ups to break the mould and upgrade your casual look. For the ladies, a beautifully crafted Swedish heeled clog will give you a lift in both body and mind.

Get active


One of the best-known mood lifters is exercise. So if you’re feeling like January could do with a boost, get outside and get moving. Grab some sneakers and the world is your playground. Choose Y-3 if you’re going for something with more credibility and New Balance for timeless sports appeal.


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