#FreshSOLE – Luke Johnson


We caught up with dancer and model Luke Johnson to find out what excites and motivates him to push himself to the limit for his art. While modelling our summer range, he chatted to our team about where his love of dance originated and which shoes are essential to his journey.

How long have you been on the dance scene?

I’ve only really been dancing for three to four years; I studied Performing Arts at college, then went on to do a Dance & Fitness course at university. I’d always been interested in sport and fitness, but I’d never really done much dancing before. Once I’d left university, I started training with some studios in London and it all took off from there really – I met a really cool bunch of people who helped me out a lot at the start of my career.

What are the professional achievements you’re most proud of?

There’s probably three – I performed with Nicki Minaj at the EMA awards which was amazing! I was also on stage with Ariana Grande at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret show and at the X Factor final 2014 in Wembley stadium. The X Factor show was the first time I performed at one of the big London arenas and was a great experience.

What made you want to become a professional dancer?

I’m a very active person anyway and found that it was just something that I really enjoyed doing. To me it seems natural. I’m one of those sorts of people that just can’t stay still and this job allows me to be constantly moving and pushing the limits of my body. I also love that it’s one of those things where the more you put in, the more you get out. That kind of ethic really appeals to me.

What’s your favourite type of music to dance to?

I like all sorts of music, I’ve got a pretty varied taste. I like hip hop, R&B, jazz funk, commercial stuff too. It all depends on how I’m feeling on the day.


Which artists would be at the top of your list to work with?

There’s loads I’d love to work with – Beyonce, Chris Brown, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson. I’d love to dance with Little Mix – I’m friends with a lot of their dancers, so I know it would be a great atmosphere to do something with them.

Do you have an all-time favourite shoe?

I love a fresh pair of black Timberlands – it reminds me of music videos in the US, I love that whole look. I used to have a pair of Nike Dunks that were all different colours, like red and bright blue, they were pretty special. I love the old school sneaker brands like K-Swiss and FILA too.

Do you prefer dancing in shoes or barefoot?

Always in shoes – I prefer trainers, Nike are always great. Sometimes it’s comfier than barefoot anyway!

Do you have any big passions outside of dance?

I don’t know if I’d call them passions, but I love playing sport, catching up with friends, just the usual things. It’s good to do things away from dance sometimes, as it can get a bit intense. I love golf, I grew up playing golf with my dad.

Finish these sentences:

If I wasn’t a dancer, I’d be… a personal trainer.

I wish I was able to… fly.

I could never wear… a skirt.

I would love to meet… Michael Jackson.

My biggest indulgence is… Yoghurt – I can eat tubs of it at a time. I would swim in it if I could.

My favourite place on Earth is… my bed.

The first thing I do when I wake up is… check my email for work.

The secret to a happy life is… smiling.


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