How to stay stress-free this Black Friday weekend


In the last few years, Black Friday has grown into something of a retail phenomenon, even here in the UK. With last year’s stampedes, queues and quarrelling still fresh in our memories, we’re optimistic that a balance can be found between all-out bedlam and the indie movement ‘Buy Nothing Day’. With the right preparation and mindset, you can use Black Friday weekend to relieve a lot of the pre-Christmas shopping stress and run through your Christmas list before December has even begun.

Proper Preparation Prevents…

If you’re heading out to the high street this weekend, we recommend you do your research beforehand. The shops will be busy and dawdling just isn’t a viable option. Do some online browsing before you leave and you’ll have a much clearer idea in your head of what you want. This will come in very handy when you’re faced with obstructive elbows or a particularly inconveniently-placed pushchair – you just head for what you already know you want. You get the advantage of the discount, with none of the indecision usually caused by the hustle and bustle.


Is the answer online?

If the thought of the heaving high street isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of steals to be had online. Not all the deals will be on Friday though, with Cyber Monday the original day of online discounts. It’s like playing a game of chicken though – if you risk it and wait until Monday, you might miss out on the gift you’ve absolutely set your heart on. How brave are you feeling?

The best of both worlds

If you need the buzz of the high street to get your ideas, you can still make things easier for yourself. Most shops will let your order in-store to be delivered to your house. You can then continue your crusade a bag lighter, safe in the knowledge your precious gift is on its way to you. You can order in any SOLETRADER, SOLETRADER Outlet or SOLE store from any of the websites to have it delivered to your doorstep. Let our experienced staff guide you through the best of the Black Friday discounts, so all you have to worry about is where your next cafe stop is going to be.

…and unwind.

Allow yourself some downtime when you’ve finished your shopping, whether online or offline. Run a hot bath, curl up with a good book or simply catch up on your favourite TV show. Giving yourself a treat at the end of the day will keep you motivated and provide essential relaxation. Let’s face it, you deserve it.

Let us help you get started

Our head buyer has picked out the discounts that won’t be around long this weekend – get yours early and use the rest of the weekend to see your friends and rub it in that you’ve already started your Christmas shopping.


Get leather UGG boots with £66 off for only £99. They’d make a great gift, but no one’s going to judge if you buy them for yourself either.


The adidas Superstars are a steal at £49. They’re a style that has remained a classic and is a must for any sneaker-enthusiast’s collection.


Feeling a like something a little classier? The Burberry Painton High Top trainers are an investment worth making and you can save 42% on the original price this weekend.


Nike Roshe trainers are the ultimate in workout chic, so if you’ve had your eyes on this style for a while, snap up this discount and shake up your gym routine.


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