NEW BRAND ON THE BLOCK: If you wanna be a PD BAE, come this way!

We’ve been keeping a teeny tiny little secret but it’s about time we ditch the sealed lips and let the sassy cat out of the bag. We’ve got an exclusive partnership with the one and only Public Desire and not only that, we’re their first ever in-store stockist. That’s right, you can try before you buy in selected stores as well as ordering online. We know, we know – it’s pretty big.

To celebrate this super sassy collaboration, we caught up with 27-year-old Buying Manager Chloe Lauren Millward from PD HQ, who is renowned for being the littlest person with the biggest laugh and is the proud traveller of the baes who constantly lives out of a suitcase. So, for all the juicy goss on what it takes to be a PD bae, you better send your eyes south!

Hi Chloe! Thanks so much for chatting to us – tell us a little bit about your role within PD?

I decide what trends we’ll be buying into for the next season and I ultimately decide what our PD baes will want in the future. I basically need to forward think, be quick and source all the fabrics in China while working towards a budget.

Paint us a picture of a typical PD consumer?

She’s a sassy, trend led girl who is heavily influenced by social media and celebrity culture. She wants attainable fashion fast and before everyone else!

Talk to us about PD’s core brand values?

Our brand values are creativity, innovation, passion and respect. We’re led by our creative mindset and values throughout the team, always wanting to be one step ahead with product as well as everything else we put our minds to, both in thinking and in practice. We are always growing and evolving to make sure we stay ahead which means being open to change and innovative ways of working, which includes having daily open chats throughout the office about new ideas.

We LOVE our product, customers and brand and believe in each other, the brand and everything we stand for because we want to give the customer the best selection of high-quality products at the best prices. We also want to build our success through our team and share it all together. We listen to and respect everyone within the business and the roles they play, so if someone thinks something should change we’re all open to adapting and supporting one another.

Describe a typical day at PD HQ…

There is no typical day! One day I’ll be working with the designers to build cohesive and well-balanced ranges which includes choosing fabrics, sending packs off to the factories and receiving boxes and boxes of samples. The next I’ll be speaking with the studio team about the next campaign shoot or talking to marketing about the next blogger or celebrity collaboration. Before I know it I’m flying back to China so really, every day is different.

What’s your favourite thing about working for the brand?

You’re encouraged to think bold, out of the box and nothing’s too sassy to mention. The people are great and I love that I’m not doing the same thing day after day. I’m obviously OBSESSED with shoes too.

People are very invested in PD – why do you think it’s expanded so rapidly?

I think we show girls out there that you don’t need a Kardashian bank balance to look great and be quick to wear the latest trend. We’re all about girl power and building up our fellow baes to not only look great, but feel SASSY too.

You work with a lot of influencers – why is this a core part of PD’s strategy?

Instagram is where we started and with 1.1 million followers, this is a huge tool for us. Not only to see reactions from our followers on our latest products, but it just shows how heavily influenced and responsive our customers are to social media. It only makes sense for us to target the best bloggers whether they are VIP or new, emerging girls on the scene. We want to inspire and influence our customers while shaping our identity through social media.

You’re officially in the 1 million Instagram club – what do you think the key to your social media success has been?

Keeping it fresh and inspiring! It’s about the lifestyle these days not just the products.

SOLETRADER is the first in-store PD stockist – why do you think the partnership will be a success?

I think it’s super exciting to get our products into such a substantial store so it’s something new for us and something fresh for you guys. Plus, to sit alongside some of the best brands is so exciting!

What’s your favourite PD product that we stock and why?

The Harlee boots in the liquid silver mirror is so on trend and key this season, heavily influenced by Balenciaga which in my opinion is the hottest high-end designer of the moment. To offer that look for a more attainable price point is great.

The future – what does it hold for PD?

BIG THINGS. We have big plans for PD and hopefully you will be seeing us everywhere, collaborating with other great companies, influencers and celebrities.

A big thank you to Chloe for giving us a little bit of PD insider info. We’ll be stocking a total of 20 styles online, 13 of which will be in selected stores across the country. And the best bit? They’re available online and in-store today! See the full collection here.

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