No Laces No Problem

Browse these Velcro Stan Smith trainers

It was one of the first skills we mastered when learning to dress ourselves, but tying your shoe laces is a pretty useless talent if you’re wearing this season’s latest drops.

Think Velcro straps, elastic details and easy access toggles. No, your intelligence isn’t being insulted, it’s just an easier way to get your shoes on. No awkward bending down, no need for the inevitable de-knotting and no loose laces to trip over.

Laces are so last year

With the big sports players like adidas and Nike championing the slip-on silhouette, it’s unlikely that we’ll resist for long. The first delivery of the adidas Superstar Slip On trainer sold out and is rivalling its lace-up brother for attention from the fashion elite.

Toggles are the new laces

In true Y-3 fashion, the Toggle Boost trainers push the boundaries of modern footwear design with elastic closure and an easy-to-pull toggle to the heel. A sportier way to wear slip-ons and a guaranteed talking point with everyone you meet.

Shop the Nike Socfly trainers in navy

Once something only to be mocked, Velcro shoes are back in the limelight in a big way. They’re simple, fuss-free and can be operated by even the most clumsy of hands. The wide strap of the Nike Socfly trainer is definitively futuristic, with elements of school-gymnasium nostalgia.

Stan Smith has never looked better

The snakeskin Stan Smith Velcro pack takes a classic trainer icon, adds fashion-forward snakeskin panels and makes it easier to get them on and off. It’s simple really.


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