Sandals: Comfort + Style = The Perfect Holiday Sandal!

We’ve all been there. Squashing down the suitcase, and then realising we still haven’t packed the (many) pairs of shoes we want to take. We’ve also all been there, when walking around for hours in sunnier climates, wearing those stunning-but-my-gosh-they’re-rubbing sandals, feels like the most epic journey you’ll ever make.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favourite sandals that are both comfortable and super stylish, so you can save on the amount of shoes you pack.


FitFlop Lunetta Sandals, £49
It is rare to find a flip flop that is so comfortable, padded and durable but also stylish and, well, BLING.


Birkenstrock Madrid Sandals, Red Hearts £36.99
These stripy love heart Birkenstocks have a certain 50s feel to them. Like all Birkenstocks, they are designed with care and comfort in mind to work with the natural curve of your foot. The strap goes over your foot instead of between the toe, so to minimize rubbing – these are suitable for the longest of sightseeing trips! See the range here.



Ted Baker Ballena Sandal, £89
The backing and the buckle supports your ankle whilst out sightseeing in the day, and the neon look will turn heads out at night. Also available in light metallic pink.


Lucky Brand Bombay Sandals, £59
Another winning metallic design sandal. Gone are the days when metallic was a little too old and dated. These sandals have just the right amount of pastel green detail to balance this into a day-time shoe too, and the shape of the back means your ankles are fully supported.


Jill Sander 2 Part Sandals, £225
These Jill Sander designer sandals are pure style. Nailing the white and platform trends all-in-one, they are perfect if you like a bit of height on your summer holiday evenings-out but still want that comfort and quality during the day. The ankle strap is popper-adjustable. Also available in black.



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