Sandals or Mandals?

Sandals or mandals? That’s your million-dollar question this summer. Call them what you want, men’s sandals are nothing short of controversial.

Do you wear them at work and risk total social carnage? Should you prepare your feet beforehand? How hot does it have to be to wear shorts without receiving barely-concealed disdain in public?

We understand your concerns, which is why we’re here to help you through all the essential styles you’ll be seeing this summer.

This year, it’s all about natural shades of colour – think black, tan and brown.

When it comes to style options, there are a few key designs to choose from, with some unconventional options for those seasoned sandal pros out there. Let us pair you up with the mandal match of your dreams:


Woven – This guy is all about the aesthetics. You’ll find him hanging out at the latest wine bar or lounging on the lacrosse field. Perfectly teamed with a pair of chinos, a buttoned up blazer and the smug satisfaction that only someone wearing mandals could enjoy.


Dr. Martens – These heavy duty mandals are the shoe equivalent to a string vest – a real statement maker. If you’re all over the latest trends, then grunge it up in black leather and buckles. Whatever floats your boat.


Pool Slides – This one is all about chilling with his friends, poolside or not. You’ll catch him at the latest celebrity haunts at the weekend, that’s when he’s not enjoying a cheeky Nandos. If you can’t be doing with buckles and laces, this sandal keeps things nice and simple.


Classic flip flop – We’ve landed back on safe territory here. If you just want to wear some flip flops down to your local or on holiday, keep it easy in these Superdry toe-post flip flops. Not everyone was destined for mandal nirvana, and there’s comfort in sticking to what you know.


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