Socks in the city


It’s the holy grail of Christmas presents – the humble sock. While scorned in public, it will be readily used when searching around for a matching pair in the morning. Let’s face it – socks are one of the only gifts you can practically guarantee will be used. Everyone runs out of socks at some time or another, and alas, when they thought there was no hope, what’s this? The pair of socks gifted last Christmas, clean and fresh and in better shape than the rest of your sock drawer.

Need we say any more? We’ve got the perfect pair for your gifting needs, follow us…


The Boss Man

He’s the man who brings his work home with him. Possibly owns a leather briefcase (or two) and he’s always on time. He’s a very serious fellow, but he takes his work-wear seriously. Would he accessorise a designer suit with cheap socks. No, he wouldn’t. He’d appreciate a nice pair of HUGO BOSS socks to go with his leather Oxfords. Choose either patterned or plain depending on his level of formality.


The Sports Fan

He’s probably the captain of his mates’ football team, his uniform is jogging bottoms and he’s the one you want on your pub quiz team during the sports round. He works out, so he probably needs a lot of socks. This isn’t just a gift, this is a necessity. He’ll thank you when he doesn’t have to pull a pair out of the washing basket again.


The Traditionalist

This man sticks to what he knows, because if it isn’t broken, why fix it? He’s probably most often seen out and about in his quilted jacket, because he appreciates something practical and classic. Argyle is his go-to sock preference, so make his day this Christmas with decadent cotton socks from British Heritage brand Barbour.


The Modern Man

He’s not afraid to rock a bold print and his socks and ties are often the life and soul of the party. Maybe he’s more at home in jeans and a tee, so laid back socks with plenty of personality will suit him just fine. Plus they’re more exciting to open on Christmas day than your standard white and black sock offering. Joy, in sock form.


The Inner Rebel

If he doesn’t conform to what is expected of him, why should he settle for run-of-the-mill socks? Fred Perry epitomises authentic street fashion, and their socks are as rebellious as socks get. With the signature twin tipping and Fred Perry stud hinting at just a little bit of anarchy, these socks speak volumes about the wearer. He’ll appreciate a little sock-humour on Christmas day too. Who doesn’t?


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